A Message from The President

The performance of the Chinese National Broadcasting Traditional Orchestra on March 28, 2018 at the Dolby Theatre has finally made it possible for American audiences to enjoy the remarkable tradition of Chinese cultural music here at the heart of the arts in Hollywood, California. Following in the footsteps of an over 5000-year old tradition, the Ensemble of talented musicians have achieved international recognition having performed in the most famous theaters of over a hundred countries and entertained audiences across all demographics around the world.

The Orchestra focuses on transforming these ancient Chinese traditions and customs into a more modern approach, creating a new form of contemporary traditional music. Utilizing music as a universal language, the Orchestra hopes to build through its performances, a bridge between all the fascinating cultures of the world, forging an international musical network of cultural exchange and education.

I believe that we will surely be an exciting and informative event as Chinese tradition meets Western ears. To audience, I hope everyone will enjoy a wonderful show that will help carry on the spirit of Chinese customs and the value of international exchange.