The philosophy of this event

The 2018 Enchanting China Music Gala is an integrative performance with a core of Chinese traditional orchestra. The multiple artistic expression and using of stage technologies in this performance highlight the diversifying features of contemporaneity, national characteristic, modernity and innovativeness. The performance strives to show the charm of Chinese traditional music with a unique creative approach, elegant humanistic feelings, and a fashionable musical language.


About China Broadcasting Performing Arts Troupe

The troupe was established in 1953 with the China Broadcasting Philharmonic Orchestra, China Broadcasting National Orchestra, China Broadcasting Chorus, China Broadcasting Folk Art Company and the China Broadcasting Electric-Sound Music Company as its subordinates. Over the past 50 years, many high-quality plays have been produced for TV Broadcasting and Film programmes and the ensemble often gave tour performances with a wide and lasting influence. The troupe has taken an active role in international cultural exchange: Its artists have visited more than 30 countries around the world and obtained many top prizes due to their superb performance skills in international competitions. The Broadcasting Philharmonic Orchestra has toured seven European countries in 1988, during which time it gave a very successful performance at the Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria.